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    4 QuestionBusiness Partnership
    If you are interested in business partnership with us in the countries or regions except where the local subsidiaries operate their businesses, please send your company information and a request for business partnership to AmorePacific's International Strategy Department. We will contact you after consideration of the feasibility of business partnership with you shortly. - Contact e-mail address:
    3 QuestionPurchasing Products
    AmorePacific has many subsidiaries worldwide with each subsidiary responsible for selling our products in respective regions. You can request information regarding the purchase of products to our local subsidiaries operating in your location. Following are the overseas branches in operation: < Note: About Us - Business Sites - Overseas Sites >. For inquiries about purchasing products in regions not listed, please direct your inquiries to < Contact Us >.
    2 QuestionProduct Information
    AmorePacific established websites in English for each brand for overseas customers. For more information and questions on our products, please visit our English websites for each brand. If you cannot find an English website for the brand you want to learn, you can direct your inquiries to < Contact Us > on our website. We will provide you the information of the brand and products as soon as possible.
    1 QuestionCareers
    AmorePacific operates an internship program for undergraduate students from universities to provide opportunities to experience the corporate environment and practice their ideal work tasks. Information for this program is listed below. For other questions on careers, please send your inquiries by email or make calls to < Contact Us > or the Human Resources Department of Headquarter of AmorePacific. - Candidates : Junior or senior students in universities from domestic or overseas - Recruitment Schedule : Applications and employment to be held in May through June every year - How to apply : Apply through public recruitment campaigns or recommendations from the universities (to be decided by timeline and open job positions) - Working Location : Respective business units of AmorePacific * Note :